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Vacuum filter

Vacuum filter

The Vacuum Filter is the most universal filter, all types of machining and product. whether on stand-alone or centralized filtration, the vacuum filter will meet all requirements. Capable of filtering from 50 mµ down to 20 mµ, or fine filtration down to 10µ when it is fitted with a second stage filter. 80% of Vacuum Filter applications are in machining, grinding or washing industries and even in sludge treatment.

The Vacuum Filter is one of the most economical and practical filtration solutions in terms of a reduced footprint/high flow rate. Available with paper, or fitted with permanent media (without consumable material). The Vacuum Filter is reliable in operation and requires low maintenance.

Can also be combined with:
- a settling tank type preseparator, or flow-through preseoparator with screens
- Magnetic separation
- Second stage filtration
- water pre-treatment and chips treatment
- A additional treatment of the coolant to ensure a maximum lifespan of the product used (ultrafiltration on washing water), centrifugation, deoiling

Ecofluide also designs and install distribution and return piping network with or without pumpback tanks on the production line machines.

Vacuum filter